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Enhance Your Living Space with iFUR’s Center Table Collection

A living room focal table is known as the center table, the place where friends and families spend quality time chit chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Deciding on the type of center table contributes to the perceived comfort and the overall aesthetics of the living room. iFUR collection of center table designs is further listed to help you make the right & suitable choice for your home interiors. With thousands of units of the latest trend to the vintage styles, expect all of them to be made with superb, durable and elegant materials. From basic and simple look to a more elegant addition, we have a collection of center table designs that will complement your living space really well.

Explore Amazing Deals on iFUR: A perfect blend of Quality and Affordability

As for center tables, at iFUR, a range of center table selections has been carefully curated to enhance your living experience. We understand that every home is unique, so we offer a wide variety of center tables that cater to different styles and price points. Whether you need a small table for a bedroom corner, a simple and elegant design for a minimalist layout, or a large prestigious table for the drawing-room, our collection has it all. Crafted with premium quality materials that blend tradition, style, and grace, our contemporary center table concepts are built to be durable and provide significant value to clients both in specific and general terms. Our affordable prices make it convenient to purchase center tables online and revitalize your living room today.

iFUR: When Style Meets Function

Forget the ordinary! We're not just another store selling center table designs; our ideology sets us apart from the crowd by adding value to enhance your living experience with these stylish and functional additions. Our range includes everything from simple center table designs to luxurious Italian center table designs. Tailored to meet current customer needs, our designs are unique and functional products paying attention to the fashion-forward homeowner and functional needs of the contemporary home. Since we specialize in center tables, our collections are not only elegant in appearance but also serve the dual purpose of utility that your living room requires.

New Center Table Collection: Redesign Your Home

With our extensive collection of center table designs, iFUR assists you in transforming your living room. Explore the different modern center table styles, Italian center table designs, center tables with marble tops, and center tables with glass tops in the catalog to choose the most suitable center tables for your home. This is why each piece of furniture we offer is crafted to blend seamlessly with your current setting, providing a magnificent appearance and functionality to enhance the elegance of your living room. Our new collection introduces a variety of products suitable for any interior design, featuring strong accents or subtle engraved logos, making it perfect for any interior setting.

1. Modern Center Table Designs

The furniture manufactured by iFUR promises to complement the contemporary, beautifully gray living room with its center table models. These tables will be perfect for homeowners who want to create extraordinary and decorative living spaces. Today's center table ideas come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to cater to your specific requirements.

  • Minimalist Marvels: Sleek and straight silhouettes and linear shapes distinguish our collection of center tables that are minimalist in style. I can safely conclude that these pieces will be great for those who prefer elegance with a minimalistic touch. The materials appear clean, and there are not a lot of intricate designs on the exterior of these tables, which could make them fit easily into any contemporary living room without overpowering the rest of the furniture. The "less is more" concept implies designs that may incorporate glass and metallic units, enhancing their contemporary looks.

  • Geometric Gems: In a bolder and more distinctive fashion, our geometric modern center table designs energize the style with unique shapes and patterns. These tables make design statements, especially in the living room, as they attract attention and give people something to talk about. Thanks to their elegance, simplicity, and rigidity, geometric patterns are the perfect match for contemporary setups, evoking emotions through contrasting colors and various materials.

2. Italian Center Table Designs

For those homeowners who have a penchant for finely crafted furniture, our collection of center tables in Italian styles can bring that certain something of class and sophistication to any living area. These wooden tables are therefore designed so well as to enable them to last for many years.

  • Classic Elegance: Classics that are always on and would be fabulous in any home no matter the decade, our Italian center table designs are perfect for traditional as well as modern day living. With most of the tables based on rich woods, carved and gilded ornamentation and high-gloss lacquer finish, these tables are fascinating focal points in any living room. Traditional Italian designs may have highly intricate detailing, especially wooden detailing and could use stones like marbles and exotic woods.

  • Artistic Flair: These tables look like sculptures, Amazing craftsmanship and opulence of these tables. It is an impressive showcase of the skill of the artists that were behind the creation of each of the pieces, bringing a very Italian elegance and style to your home. These designs are ideal for anyone who would like to bring a breeze of luxury to what they consider their sanctuary of home.

3. Marble Top Center Tables

These come in marble top center tables and make a fitting statement of elegance and long lasting furniture design. Through its natural grain, marble is well-suited to lend a classy look to any living space, making it the perfect focal point.

  • Timeless Beauty: Marble is one of the most prominent types of natural stones and gives a very classy and royal look. Our marble top center tables marry well with other designs to complement the interiors of your living room. The design that was used in the making of the marble table is unidirectional and therefore every table is a design on its own. Marble top tables act perfectly for incorporating the most desirable tones to the place.

  • Durability: The material used in the construction of this table is marble which is both aesthetic and vastly strong, so your table will last for many years. This series of tables can perfectly withstand scratching and heat, which are things that will be coming most of the time. There are also some few unique characteristics that make the use of marble even more desirable. These include; Marble is also very easy to maintain hence after installation it just requires frequent washing to keep it clean.

4. Center Table Design with Glass Table

In order to achieve a modern look, our center table furniture having glass top tables will fit the bill exactly. These tables create a note of professionalism and elegance to your interior design while enhancing the light interchange in your house.

  • Modern Aesthetics: Glass tables provide a very modern look that is perfect for today’s homes. Speaking of center tables, our designs have glass topped tables which are trendy as well as practical as it is easier to maintain a glass surface and does not interfere with the aesthetics of your chosen rug or floor. Another suitability is that glass tables also contribute towards the perception of a large room due to the openness of the material.

  • Easy Maintenance: This material is non-porous and thus easy to clean so maintaining these tables would not be a cause of concern even in households with young children. A simple dusting or wipe wash with a moist cloth keeps such tables gleaming all over making them remain an eye-catching asset in your living room. Luckily, glass tables are also strong and do not scratch or stain easily.

Shop For Our Wide selection of Center Tables

1. Coffee Table

Coffee table is one of the multifunctional items of furniture and it is perfect not only for placing coffee on. No matter if it is taking a cup of coffee or reading the book, or having guest over at home, our coffee table complements every need.

  • Functional and Stylish: As for the coffee table we design and create, we are proud to present the form and function of the presented models. They offer sufficient and versatile shelf space for your drinks, books, and trinkets making your living room much more beautiful. Coffee table can also have more compartments which are placed beneath the table or installed in the table frame, for instance, shelves or drawers.

  • Variety of Designs: All kinds of coffee table we have starting from the most basic to contemporary furniture we have today. Select from a variety of sensual elements such as the wooden floor, metal fences or glasses for your houses. We offer coffee table of different shapes and measurements to allow you to settle with the most appropriate one to suit your living quarters.

2. Sofa Table Designs

As you can see, the sofa table collection would be the ideal home accessory that adds functionality and aesthetics to your living room. Table 11 These tables are produced to be used alongside your sofa as they offer the extra surface area required to accommodate all sorts of decorative pieces or other utility items.

  • Space-Saving Solutions: Sofa table designs are ideal in small living rooms where space is majorly an issue for homeowners. They offer additional shelving space while not commanding a large amount of space; perfect for behind the sofa or up against the wall. Sofa tables can also be used to create a separation in an open- plan living space with the cushion side facing a specific area.

  • Versatile Designs: Come in different styles as well as materials, our sofa table designs will seamlessly blend into any and every living space , enhancing its aesthetic appeal. If you fancy a natural look to fit in with the environment, there exist models made of wood, and for a shiny sleek look, we have frames made of metals. Sofa tables also incorporate modest elements such as drawers or shelves if needed for extra accessory storage.

3. L Shape Sofa with center table

L shape sofa with the center table is one of the models that would convert your living room into a comfortable and useful place. This arrangement makes good use of space particularly in terms of seating arrangements, offering a friendly and cozy space to lounge.

  • Maximized Seating: This type of sofa is ideal for small and large Living Rooms due to the expansiveness of the L shape design. This arrangement complemented with an appropriately selected center table gives a balanced and homely appearance ideal for family- and friends-coming together. Sofa with an L shape is suitable for the provision of a nook for sitting in the living room.

  • Functional Pairing: An L shape sofa set complemented by a center table helps in providing a good accessorized and coordinated living arrangement. The table is therefore useful in adding a space for placing drinks, snacks, and other decorative items which increases the functionality of the living room. It also makes it possible for guests to communicate and interact with each other with ease from the comfort of their rooms.


Choosing the Perfect Material for Your Center Table

1. Wooden Center Tables

There’s a special appeal of wooden center tables as a centerpiece, as they bring a natural feel and rustic charm into a living room. At iFUR, we provide all sorts of wooden center tables for use according to your preference.

  • Natural Beauty: It is desirable to notice that the grain and texture of natural wood used in the making of individual tables are unique. Oak finished café tables make you feel like you are in the middle of a forest while walnut finished are sleek and attractive. Other designs that may be found at wooden tables include carvings or certain detailing that makes the table attractive.

  • Durability: Wood is a strong material that can easily last for a number of years and this will make your table strong. Wooden tables must be protected from constant use and they should be maintained to last for quite a few years. Wooden tables are also best in the aspect that they can easily be incorporated into any form of interior design whether traditional or modern.

2. Glass Center Tables

Such center tables made of glasses help in making the living room look more effervescent. The above-mentioned tables are sophisticated in their look and are very convenient to clean.

  • Sleek and Modern: It is true that glass has a quite modern feel to it, which makes it suitable for current interior designing. They offer a smooth plane that does not get in the way of the visibility of an attractive rug or floor, and creates a more unobstructed kind of space. They can also complement other materials such as metal or wood for a more eclectic and interesting appeal.

  • Easy Maintenance: This is a good type of material that can easily be cleaned and maintained making these attractive table’s suitable for use in any busy home. These tables do not require frequent washing but simply washing with a damp cloth can make these tables look as if they have just been made and are perfect to add value and elegance to your living room. It also means that the glass tables are also more durable than the ordinary wooden tables and they do not scratch or stain.

3. Metal Center Tables

Aluminum center tables are highly professional and modern and hence can blend well with most interior settings. These tables are also trendy and can also last for extended periods.

  • Industrial Charm: This design provides a living room with an industrial touch, thus enhancing its style and appeal. From a metallic matt look such as brushed steel to a shiny, polished/stainless steel look, our metal tables introduce a contemporary ambiance to enhance your home. Of course, some tables and certainly most metal tables can have a more or less sophisticated design or some extra detail.

  • Durability: Metal is quite robust and long lasting, therefore making sure that the table you buy will last you many years. These tables are also smooth to the touch, non-scratch and easy to wipe clean, which make them suitable for regular use. Another advantage of metal tables is that they do not need much cleaning and they wash very easily in-case they become dirty.

The Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Center Table

1. Comfort and Support

When using a center table, it's important to ensure proper support and comfort..

2. Size and Proportion

To avoid making your space look crowded, measure your space to confirm that the center table will be able to fit in perfectly without congesting the room. When selecting the size of the table, it is necessary to estimate the number of users it will have in order to steer the table most often.

3. Style and Aesthetic

Select a center table with design needs that also correlate with your current decor and blend well with the appearance of your living room. Whatever your taste is, you are likely to find it in iFUR, depending on whether you admire modern or classic styles or something way more liberal.

Looking after your center table and prevent it from getting scratched:

1. Regular Cleaning

Deep clean your center table often to avoid dust and any form of dirt building up on it. Sanitize the appropriate cleaning solutions when cleaning wooden, glass or metallic surfaces in order to achieve the right look and durability.

2. Immediate Stain Removal

To maintain your furniture's quality, it's crucial to clean up spills and stains promptly to prevent permanent marks. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals on wrought iron to prevent scratching or rusting. That's why it's essential to gently clean areas where the wrought iron contacts other materials with a soft cloth, water, and a mild soapy solution.

3. Protective Measures

The center table should be fitted with coasters, placemats, and tablecloths because these items can prevent stains and scratches on the tabletops. This works to the advantage of the table, as it ensures it stays clean and has a longer durability.

4. Avoiding Direct Sunlight

Avoid exposing your center table to light to prevent sunlight effects that could damage the material. UV rays are known to bleach the colors in fabrics and weaken materials exposed to direct sunlight.


Our Commitment to Quality

As for iFUR, we are still very selective regarding craftsmanship, so we only use high-quality readymade materials in our products. We are dedicated to creating excellent products, which means that every piece we offer to our customers is stylish as well as long-lasting. When a client decides to make a purchase from our furniture collection, it is evident that they get to experience the elegance and functionality that come with our furniture.


1. What are the major considerations that one should make while looking for a center table?

Before you start your shopping, it is crucial that you consider several factors in regard to the center table you want to buy; firstly, measure the space where the table will be placed, secondly, determine your requirements and finally, but most importantly, ensure that the design of the table you choose fits in well with your decor theme and needs.

2. What is the right way to care for and clean a center table?

Wipe and dust your center table on a regular basis as this will help you keep your home clean constantly. That is why, if any stains appear, washing should be done with mild soap and water and no strong chemicals should be used. Avoid any exposure to direct sunlight and use or store it with any cover to increase the duration for which it can be used.

3. What are the benefits of a marble top center table?

These types of center table tops are classy and form part of Supplies Furnishing‘s tradition of fine marble furniture. They allow no scratches or heat and provide practicality as well as the essence of elegance in your living space.

4. What is the difference between a wooden center table and a glass center table?

Bamboo center tables have natural appeal, while their counterpart of glass gives the room a chic look. There are certain unique approaches to this design that one has to consider when considering a house, the appearance of the house or personal taste.

5. What’s the reason to buy center table online at iFUR?

Buying a center table from iFUR has its own advantages, they are convenient, available in many varieties, and are of good quality. Having such a large number of products guarantees that you are able to find the most suitable item to put in your home, while our quality guarantee policy means that you will have no reason to complain once you have made a purchase with us.


At iFUR, we ensure that we offer you the finest on center table designs. The center table you need is waiting for you and whether you prefer round or oval or even the type made from stainless steel finished in gold or silver, we have what you desire. Whatever you may be fond of, be it modernism, classics or risking it with some experiment and eclecticism, we have something to offer you. Use the provided search form to find the best iFUR furniture products for your home and admire the timeless design of our products. Benefit from our stylish and long-lasting center tables, complementing the aesthetic of your home and providing you with the utility you need. Our collection of center tables; modern center table designs, Italian center table designs, marble top center tables and event center tables with glass top, will suit your home and preferences.

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