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Elevate Your Dining Session with iFUR Dining Table Sets

The dining table is the centralized area of the home where friends and family get together and have an amazing session of meals, gossip, fun, and much more. We can also say that the dining table is the heart of the home, and for that, it is important to choose a perfect dining table set for your home.

Discover Amazing Deals on iFUR: A Perfect Blend of Quality and Affordability

iFUR showcases a wide range of dining table sets designed to elevate your dining experience. We know that every home and gathering is different and unique. That's why we offer mouthwatering designs for your home that will not only make your dining table look beautiful but also be pocket-friendly. Whether you need a cozy spot for 2 or a big family gathering, we got you. From a compact folding table to an exclusive 6 or 8 seater luxury dining table set that will uplift your home’s aura, we have something for everyone. iFUR dining tables are made from premium materials and craftsmanship. The meticulously made dining chairs go through various quality checks before they reach you. iFUR provides luxury dining table sets for everyone at different price points so that you can get your dining table within your budget without compromising on quality.

New Dinning Food Tables: Redesign Your Dining Space

iFUR gives you the opportunity to furnish your house with a vast selection of dining tables so that your dining experience can be improved such as the marble top, glass top, and the solid wood type of dining table.

Glass Top Dining Table:

  • Sophisticated Statement: Decorative eating tables having a glass top are eye-poppers that bring a sense of precious je-ne-sais-quoi to eating zones. They are non flashy and have elegant designs which make the products to give customers a magical and sleek look.

  • Practical and Stylish: These tables are good looking and functional as they are designed to provide a flat work –table surface that is easy to clean. These lights are splendid for modern dining table interiors that have elements of simple and classy looking.

Marble Top Dining Table:

  • Timeless Elegance: Supposing marble-top dining tables are designed to provide the best balance of tradition and modernity with their timeless glamor. Marble comes with rich veins and intricate layouts which are eye-catching elements that make them the pride of any dining area.

  • Variety of Tones: These luxury dining tables come in various shades from pale white to black and can complement any classy home that wants to have that extra flair of elegance. They are perfect for those people who would love the classic themes along with the contemporary concepts on dining table designs.

Foldable Dining Table:

  • Convenience and Adaptability: The best examples of Allect dined table are foldable that provide convenience and are excellent for the urban setting. Many of these tables are space saving and are easily collapsible and portable so they can easily be set up and put away when not needed.

  • Versatile and Practical: Some of the models of foldable tables include additional decorations in the form of panels that can be used as ornaments on the wall when the table is not needed. It is possible to take them as optimal options in small apartments or multifunctional modern dining table rooms.

Wall-Mounted Dining Table:

  • Space-Saving Innovation: Modern interior, free space, functional and not bulky element – this is what wall mounted dining tables can be classified as. These particular tables are intended to be placed in corners, and thereby optimally use space typically left unused.

  • Flexible and Functional: In case of wall-mounted tables, the chairs that come along serve the purpose of an additional piece of furniture that doubles up as a chair hence they are very useful furniture when space is an constraint. They are ideal for designing a comfortable contemporary dining table area with some additional room on the floor.

Amazing Dining Table Collection: Sweetmeat for Everybody

2 & 3 Seater Dining Table Sets:2 & 3 Seater Dining Table Sets:

  • Compact and Charming: These are available in our 2 and 3-seater options and are ideal for small dining areas, perfect for consistency with any one’s home. These tables do not pose a problem in the area since they can fit the dining space well without crowding the area or making the room look cluttered.

  • Smart Design: Durability is not relevant in this case; What matters is how often and when one can replace them; Thus such sets come with foldable tables and stackable chairs: They are designed for couples or small families at most. They afford warmth without negative effects on beauty, adulence and softness.

4 Seater Dining Table Sets:4 Seater Dining Table Sets:

  • Ideal for Small Families: iFUR also provides creative stylish modern dining table sets offering 4 seats to enhance the overall worth of space, particularly the dining area of your home. They are portable and can well suit a few children or children of proximity of age for convenience.

  • Space Maximization: It is ideal for dining areas that are not very large but convenient to allow guests to get the maximum comfort that a dining space can offer without enveloping or confining them.

6 Seater Dining Table Sets:6 Seater Dining Table Sets:

  • Elegant and Spacious: iFUR specializes in modern, 6 seater dining table sets and these are good for anyone who believes that their home is a place to have a feast and have guests over. They are a category of elements simple in appearance with many voids.

  • Perfect for Larger Gatherings: Situations where one can find a 6 seater modern dining table set appropriate include when you are a large family, or when you like to host your friends and relatives for dinner.

8 Seater Dining Table Sets:8 Seater Dining Table Sets:

  • Luxurious Dining Experience: For the people who enjoy inviting guests over and sharing a sumptuous meal that was prepared at home, iFUR provides elegant 8 seater modern dining table sets.

  • Spacious and Opulent: These sets are suitable for consumption by enormous families or those who frequently host many people for dinners or parties, as there will be sufficient seating for everyone and a magnificent dining feeling.

Shape Up Your Dining Space with the Latest Trends and Timeless Classics

Round Dining Table:

  • Seamless Flow: These round modern dining tables by iFUR are fitted to retain a well-coordinated outlook where not a single interruption to continuity is present in the dining zones. They are versatile to mix within various space interiors; therefore, integrate with the room style.

  • Versatile Seating: Round tables do not present the fall hazard and the means by which the access to corners might be restricted. It also obviously has an impact on comfortable accessibility and the infinite possibility of turning off the tables and chairs. It will also be perfect for use by small inhabitants like the apartment dwellers when in need of an intimate dining.

Rectangle Dining Table:

  • Structured Sophistication: generally, rectangle modern dining tables available at iFUR; enhance the elegance of your dining room due to their shape. Large, bright mirrors and restrained shapes suggest harmony, thus the arrangement of the dining area has its own strict geometric concept of traced.

  • Complementary Design: These tables complement a number of interior solutions and bring classical and unchangeable nonerializer of the dining space to them, therefore making these tables retro.

Square Dining Table:

  • Modern Minimalism: Introducing New Square Modern Dining Tables from iFUR, that brings new feelings in a modern style house. When it comes to the texture and style then this range has a glossy finish; it can be placed at various angles due to the versatile design shaping up as a centerpiece when located centrally or tucked at the side of the wall.

  • Flexible Functionality: Some models have foldable leaves that can be folded up to increase the space for food or number of people that can accommodate at the table; this makes some table models utilitarian and stylish especially for those located in the dining areas.

Oval Dining Table:

  • Classic Elegance: iFUR’s oval modern dining tables work like round and rectangular tables; they have the best characteristic features of the two. The spermatheca are elongated and larger with smooth, elongate, broad and regularly proportioned accommodation.

  • Formal and Fluid: Egg-shaped tables are also suitable for using the observer conservatively and strictly with the free and fluid type of the table, so they are considered to be classics in the dining space.

Choose the Perfect Material for Your Dining Table with iFUR

Solid Wood:

  • Timeless Appeal: Add a splendid wooden modern dining table as a focal point for your dining space. Oaks, mahogany or teak facilitate nature in need of making dining rooms spectacular.

  • Durability: Endogeneity: For solid wood tables, the durability ranges and may even survive a generation if properly cared for. It is an object that makes the interior more interesting and can combine with spaces with a rustic, industrial, modern, and other direction.

  • Variety of Finishes: It is now possible to find various models of solid wood modern dining table available in various colours that would converge well with other house furniture and enhance the beauty of the dining place.

Metal Dining Tables:

  • Contemporary Aesthetic: Contemporary and industrial-look metal dining tables provide a smooth shade, which complements the ethos of modern apartments and houses.

  • Durability: Metal tables do not scratch easily and are highly resilient, which means the need to replace them prone to damage or change their looks often is eliminated.

  • Versatile Designs: Particularly in bronze, stainless steel, nickel, chrome and so on,metal dining tables come in a variety of designs, the simplest as well as the most complex. These are available in polished, matte, and coated finishes, and executing them gives dining space a personalized aspect.


Key Considerations Before Selecting Dining Tables for Your Home


  • Number five is that very special dining table sets should be developed from high-quality and sturdy material. Evaluate the frame for longevity as well as joints for their ability to withstand and function properly for a considerable time. Verify all units of equipment for the existence of hydraulic faults. Select a refined people’s feeling for its appearance and surface and avoid tables with more indigo and rough surface that gets scratches or stains.

Size and Proportion:

  • Determine how much space is to be given to the dining table and the chairs that will be placed around the table and other items that will be placed, including the size of the individuals who will be seated to ensure that enough walking space is provided. Select a table fitting the general design of the room, chairs should be approximately away from other furniture to reduce breakages.

Functionality and Adaptability:

  • Think about products that are usable while in the house and in different rooms as well. Choose expandable units liketical shelves or tables for extra guests, or to incorporate more storage space in smallish areas. It is about getting to focus on the functionality of what you are designing but not at the complete detriment of style.

Aesthetic Appeal:

  • Dining tables come and go but with these fantastic designs and the unique models displayed here finding a dining table that suits everyone is easy. Select an item that will fit aesthetically into your home décor, as well as give your room an improved look and feel. Get a style that will correspond to the existing interior design of your home for elegance in the dining area.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Dining Table

Regular Cleaning:

Contamination such as dust and food particles is effectively reduced for the dining table through daily wiping which in turn improves its overall appeal. Daily dusting helps to protect a modern dining table both from getting a dirty, dull look and from further degrading its performance.

Immediate Stain Removal:

It is equally important to attend to the stains on fabrics as soon as possible to minimize damage to them. “It is good to clean any spilled content on the benches as soon as possible using a soft cloth and a mild soap so that the benches will always stay clean.”

Protective Measures:

In order to protect the table from heat, wine spills, and water marks as well as accidental scratching, one should place placemats and coasters. In reality, they help to protect the finish of the most modern dining table by keeping it free from scuffs and scratches.

Avoiding Direct Sunlight:

Single exposure to the sunlight should be avoided as there is always a tendency of fading and tearing. Therefore, it is; therefore, advisable to place your dining table in a section of the room that doesn’t receive a lot of direct sunlight so as to maintain the dining table’s elegance and quality.

Our Commitment to Quality

At iFUR, we are committed to the principles of craftsmanship and use only high quality of fabric and other materials in our products. We ensure that this commitment to quality extends to every piece we offer to the customers with the intention of bringing the best modern dining table sets into the market in terms of design and features. Beneath is an inventory of the dining table set from iFUR, you will be amazed at this kind of product in terms of beauty and value.


1. What various procedures should I employ in order to arrive at the right decision as regards the dining table?

  • In order to convert this into an actual scale, seek for the correct measurements of the specific area in question.

  • Sufficient gaps within the chairs and every other furniture being used in the hall should be provided for.

  • Select a fashionable dining table where all your family and visitors are provided with enough space, but it is not excessively large.

2. What measures should be used to ensure cleanliness and proper care of the dining table?

  • First with general wiping, starting with chairs, and surfaces and edges that would be hard to clean.

  • Wipe off the surface with warm water using a cloth and ensure that you pat it dry using the other cloth to evaporate off the moisture.

  • For the tough stains, clean using a mild soap and water solution as using any other cleaning product will alter the modern dining table’s finish.

3. What are the considerations that I should be willing to take when fixing dining table chairs?

  • Take the dimensions of the space that will surround the table and use those to count the number of chairs that can be placed there at most.

  • The number of guests who will be seated in the dining area should be considered in relation to the modern dining table and chairs for its placing.

  • Make sure that there is adequate free space for guests to move around while also avoiding the feeling of crowding.

4. What are the advantages and differences of opting for a circular table over a square, rectangular or even oval one?

  • There are no specific head formal seats around oval tables; everyone has a chance to be a part of a focused group discussion.

  • They are appropriate for normal flows, whereas the square tables are good for the circle discussions.

  • Round tables, square tables, and octagonal tables are some of the designs that are able to host many guests while providing enough space.

  • As much as oval tables have their usage in different settings, they also provide a unique setting for events in that it can be arranged in a number of ways.

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Being one of the leading umbrella brands for home furnishing stores in India, we are pleased to provide you with the best luxury dining table sets. Sort an air of purposive elegance as a secondary method to narrow down your results. The corporate values and policy we uphold clearly state that we work hard to acquire the best standards of work and quality materials in our production. If you select from among the contemporary dining table sets in our catalog, you will experience the elegance and functionality of this furniture.


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