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Ziya Modern Luxury Modern Luxury And High -End Designer Dining Set

Size: 4 Seater 4.5'x3'
₹1,25,999 ₹1,90,000 (34% OFF)

Product details

This dining table is designed with a minimalist aesthetic and features a sturdy stainless steel frame that has been sintered and inlaid. The titanium champion finish adds to its stability, ensuring it remains steady without any shaking. The high-density wooden board is carefully sintered to create a durable and scratch-resistant surface.

The table is designed to comfortably accommodate up to six people, making it suitable for family meals or gatherings. The frame color is gold, while the desktop color is white, creating a clean and elegant appearance.

Marble Top is Composite Marble and base is stainless steel with Gold coating.

Assembly of this table is straightforward, requiring simple installation steps

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